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Research activity has always been and particularly at the present time is particularly proud of the Moscow Tax Institute team.
Research scientists at the Institute have been recognized not only in the country but also abroad. Recently, markedly increased citation of our publications, according to Russian Bill of Credit Agency examination conducted as part of a tax receipt Moscow State Institute of Accreditation and Licensing to 2015, our university is one of 10 universities of the country's largest financial expenditure on research and development.
Every year a number of studies carried out in the framework of international cooperation.
The scientific potential of the Institute can at this stage be implemented more effectively in the innovative development of the Russian economy.

Vice-Rector for Research and International activities
Doctor of History, Professor A.A. Mikhin


The institute operates the Scientific and Methodological Center whose main tasks are: planning, organization and control of scientific and methodical work, identifying priority areas of research and methodological work, coordination of research on the profile of the Institute, as well as on improvement of the educational process, liaising with the structural units of the university on improving the quality of training, assisting faculty and departments to organize the work with the teaching staff, conducting activities of scientific and methodological work and the implementation of the educational process of research results.

Head of the Scientific Resource Center,
Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor V.I. Subbotin