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Department of legal and social sciences

Kirmikchi V.I. ,

Head of Legal and social disciplines,

candidate of historical sciences, professor.

Teachers of the department read the following Humanities courses: philosophy, the Russian language and culture of speech, English, pedagogy and psychology, psychological training, management decision-making, business communication, business psychology, legal psychology, sociology, law, physical training, documentation management software.

Classes - lectures, seminars and workshops leading teachers of the department: Muravtseva EV, Kirmikchi VI, AN Flap performed at a high theoretical and methodological level, the use of modern technology innovation, increasing the level and quality of teaching.

Recently, the Department prepared and published four research papers. Of all teachers of the department over the last year published two monographs, 13 brochures, 66 scientific articles, 9 of textbooks, 17 manuals.

At the department for the fourth year ever, there are two circles of student scientific society, one in the humanities, and the second - on the social sciences. Currently, the two clubs conduct scientific research 31 students of 1-4 courses.